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Your portrait in the style of classic pop art in Andy Warhol-style/ Portrait Art

Through the transformation in the style of Andy Warhol Pop Art this recording turns into a fundamentally statement. The art form of Pop Art comes with a bang, evident in the consciousness of the beholder. The classic Warhol - style is linked to excessive icon-like elements of the world of consumerism and advertising, and interprets this to an independent art form.
Colored revisions and the restriction on the essentials can transform almost every portrait into a small masterpiece. The artform of Pop Art today is not confined to the representation of prominent personalities only, we make this art accessible to the general public.

Please have also a look at our Making-of for the details of Pop Art makeovers.

The Warhol style includes the implementation and presentation, incidentally, two major design elements: One of superelevation a pop type portraits by enlarging up to the monumental effigy and the other was the smaller representation of the image but by then repeats the scene as monumental as it affects or juxtapose combined. Especially the technique of craftsmanship Siebdrucks left in the latter case, small differences in the technical implementation of the printed image so that the images only at first glance same. Although this style for different versions of an image you want, we can be happy to help in this case we simulate differences craft of printing digitally.

This Pop Art portraits may then used for many purposes: Well for the presentation on the Web as a digital photo of expression and of course XXL printed on canvas, your imagination are not limited. Currently, we offer only the artistic review of your digital photographs, only the digital makeover.

The above price covers the basic realization of your Pop Art Potraits, for any additional desired color and printed simulated variations we then calculate a reasonable package price.
Be surprised, even your portrait could be an artistic transformation! Try out the possibilities of a colorful presentation!

Move with mouse over image for before - afterwards effects of Pop Art

The technical demands on the digital presentation are not very high because this is completely revised photo. It is crucial, however, that the picture content gives a vigorously statement and it is probably best suited as choose your personal favorite portrait.

Let us surprise you, even your portrait could be possible to inspire an artistic transformation to test our kind of portrait!

A sample for repeating the same image in variations: "Nine Elicias"
                      pop art Siebdruck Portrait
This sample shows the digitally simulated effects of silkscreen printing, see the differences caused by working with the hand blade. The repetition of the same image is an interesting variation of Warhol style and can be used for any motive that shows a visual statement. Through the juxtaposition of small - medium sized images arises up to a monumental impression, depending on the size and number of individual images.

The above variations are an additional option liability for any variation of the original image, here shown in 2-color mode. We calculate 5.00 euros per variant, plus the price of the basic pop art review.

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