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          Make-up Tutorial for Photoshop /                               technics of virtual Make up

                          Face shape / Ideal Face tutorial
Getting optical closer to the ideal face by Rouge and make up:
                                                              1. Eye Make-up
                                                2. False eyelashes
  3. Lip Make-up / Lipstick / Lipgloss

Here are some basic guidance for successful application of make-up and Rouge in terms of individual facial shapes. This guide is dedicated for the virtual make-up, for example, in Photoshop, as well as for the real Make up way. The basic considerations can be very helpful and it should advance its own objective to face the below basic shapes for classification. The listed facial shapes please are not to understand as to be pejorative if your face doesn't reach the ideal form or shape.

The individual face shape /
basic forms

First the ideal face shape / oval face

As a starting point, a theoretical according to the principles of the Golden Cut generated virtual face. The so-called Golden Cut is a nature-like proportion of the much teaching ideal of our beauty. As you see the oval shape, in combination with the proportions of eyes, nose and mouth teached by the Golden Cut, is the ideal face form.

From basic form different types in schematic representation. Please note that there are many individual mixed forms.

The systematic use of Makeup, in particular Rouge, also Eyeliner / Eyebrow -make-up it is attempted in the following examples of the ideal form forward.

Make up Methods 
using Rouge and powder / shading:

1. The round face

The round face shape affects soft and often a little comfortable, this may also be a facetype from an originally emerged oval face, especially if the person concerned to increase something more weight.

Make up for the round face type:

The purpose here is to get closer to the ideal oval face shape. This will do Rouge both the temples as well as on the cheeks sides.
In principle now a bright-dark effect let the face seem a bit narrower. The eyebrows are slightly formed upway with eyebrow-make up.

2. The triangle-shaped face

The triangle face-shape is mainly through a lot narrow chin, even here are the cheekbones relatively apart.

Make up for the triangle-shaped face:

Here it is more difficult to reach the ideal oval shape. Mainly, the temples and upper cheek lots by Rouge and also conceals the tip of the chin by a darker powder from the bottom mitigated. For the chin of course no Rouge, it's better to use a powder of a shadow darker than the skin color.

3. The square-shaped face

The square face shape affects relatively sharp cut, occasionally with masculine approaches.

Makeup for the square-shaped face:

Also we need a little more tricks in order to mitigate the square-shape. There are two separate orders from rouge and powder. The temporal area is Rouge, tilted slightly downward have their lower cheek diagonally, also with the above-mentioned powder.
It recommends to draw up the eyebrows.

4. The elongated face shape

The elongated face-shape 
acts often quite narrow with closely narrowed eyes and mouth.

Make-up for the elongeated face:

The largest challenge to a make-up artist is very narrow face. You can help stunt the following: The face is separated with Rouge strokes in two halves, then the face divided itself, appear rounder and in the whole nicer. It is also the chin with a little darker powder coated to let the face appear a bit more width.
The eyebrows should be somewhat narrower painted and the outsides continuing a bit over the natural form.

                      Ideal Face oval
                                   Ideal face form / oval

             For before-afterwards effects please move
                             with mouse over image

                     Rounded Face rouge
                                        Round face
                                  before - afterwards

                         Triangle face Make up
                                   Triangle-shaped face
                                     before - afterwards
                     Square-shaped face make-up
                            Square-shaped face Make-up
                                     before - afterwards

                         Elongeated face make up
                               Elongeated face make up
                                     before - afterwards

Of course, it should not be obsessively tried at all costs to reach the ideal, because every individual face can be in their own way very charming, even if it is differing from the ideal form. Discreet make-up technics are usually the first choice and often can reache a small step in the right direction miracles. By shown make up technics asymmetrical errors can also be coated, but also keep in mind that a slight Asymetrie may have own stimuli  because perfect faces sometimes show less expressive effects. Especially freckles, liver spots or a conspicuous form of mouth can be very attractive. The make-up technics presented here is an indication of the general but for each individual face should be implemented. The choice of the clothes color on their type is also helpful.

Tip: If you have an image editing program you can create your own face, using a digital portrait photography for experimental process yourself is possible virtually. Without expensive cosmetics...


Tutorial eye Make-up:
The eye area of portraits has probably the largest broadcasting and eyes are responsible crucial for the beauty and attractiveness of a face. It can therefore be very interesting the traditional methods of the Eye Make-up image editing in Photoshop to try out the best effects. The make up technics that shown here are transferable to a real model. The eye - make-up has the strongest effect of Glamour if there Glamour is wanted.

Eye Make-up Tutorial Glamour Effects

1. The main picture:

The main picture is colored and in RGB-Modus,
Size ca. 115 x 55 cm / 72 Pixel/Inch.

The skin of the model has already been revised in Photoshop and virtually make up was made. Ready for eye make-up. Note the skin and eye color: in this case a generally cool make-up was choosed. The eye make-up should stress, in principle, the facial skin positive.

eye Make-up 1

2. Eyelid / Kajal:

The first step is working out the lid-streake using the brush tool applied broadly.
Easy to see the chosen color in relation to the skin and eye color.
Important: The individual operations are each on a separate level in order to allow subsequent corrections. The make-up levels have in the layer palette in Photoshop the attribute "multiply".

eye Make-up Kajal Makeover

3. Workout lid-streake:

The broadly applied lid-streake / Kajal will create a layer mask to the desired strength of the mask: Work with the brush-tool on layer mask (on and offpaint) until the desired shape is reached. This is one of several ways, including the possibility of direct contract in the prescribed strength with the airbrush tool. However, a graphics tablet helps to precise drawing. The final strength or opacity of the lid-streakes can be changed with the controller "opacity" in setting any level.

Tutorial eyes Kajal make up

4. Lid-shaddow applications:

Also on its own level is now the first broadly applied eyeshadow. In this example, the level was also no "Hard Light" for a lively effect. The required hues are taken from the color palette or in the color setting (re-created in the tool palette). For regularly eye Makeup it may be more beneficial to create color subjects on the various types of skin needs, which are roughly divided into winter-spring-summer-autumn types.

Make-up eyes picture makeover

5. After processing eyeshadow:

Again, the roughly applied eyeshadow can turned with the help of a mask layer to the desired strength of the appeareance. With the brush also paint on until the desired shape is reached.
It is also the order of the essential lid-shaddowss to let the original skin tones look through without setting arises. Otherwise you get a "painted" impression. The round-seem level settings can weak this appereance.

Eye Lid-shaddow Photoshop

Second, other colored lid-shaddow:

To further refinement now is a second, other colored eyeshadow. The approach corresponds to the above form. The previously mentioned layer settings can be smooth transitions of the 2-colored Lid-shaddowss. Of course, once again the "multiply" in the Layer-palette of Photoshop.

Tutorial Lid-shaddow Photoshop

After processing the second lid-shaddow:

The editing of the 2nd lid-shaddow corresponds to the declaration above. Also here is a very softness and transparency layer-option neccessary to ensure the course appearing of eyeshadows.

Make-up Virtual

Highlight lid-shaddow:

To round off the lid-shaddow making of it is now applied to create a highlight in the outer field. This is very important to note that the light effect especially in the upper, outer area is visible: From dark to light overlaying.

Make-up eyes Makeover

Feine-tuning color-matching:

The result of a 3-colored Lid-shaddow after the vote on the fine level settings:
For a final colour-design are now all the possibilities given, the designs are not limited. This way to use the layers in Photoshop allows many color combinations.

Make-up Tutorial Lidshaddow

False eyelashes:

Eyelashes gives also a strong appearance of the eyes and also have a very feminine effect. A previously mentioned, simpler, more viable way for the installation of false eyelashes in Photoshop is the use of natural lashes from another picture. The picture should be so used in a resolution that is not much smaller than the changed image. The function image liquid (from Photoshop 6.0), will the shape of the eyes aligne. The problem is the right size of the tool tips at the lashes to cause no blur.

Eyelashes Make-up Photoshop

Eye brow makeover:

Finally, the eyebrows on the eye - make-up are voted to create a selection to get something darker traced. By the drawing of the eyebrows, the eyes expression does not insignificantly influenced and should be therefore necessarily in form and color coordinated.

Make-up Augenbrows

The result in before - afterwards effect:
The enlargement shows all strengths or weaknesses of this review / Makeover, all settings are in Photoshop 6.0 (or higher to Photoshop cs) understandable.

Make-up eyes Style glamour


Tutorial Lip Make-up / Lipstick / Lipgloss:

Following an easy way of handling the lips in Photoshop. The lip make-up depends on the classical techniques of lip make-up. The shape, color and expression of the mouth and lips have a decisive influence on the overall appearance of a portrait and should therefore be handled with some care. Lip make-up is the secondary effect to reach a Glamour styled retouche.

The main picture:

Here the picture shows a still quite young mouth that is not entirely unappealing. A fundamental revision or modification of the lips form is not absolutely necessary but a little lipstick and lip gloss can not hurt. It recommends a discreet make-up of the lips. Basically, convergence, but not forcing the ideal form to avoid any unnatural impression.

Beauty Make-up Lips

Create a path in Photoshop:

For the paintings of lipstick and the contours first are carefully the natural contours of the lips traced. Small irregularities in the form can in this process something laminated. The path should necessarily be saved and is then converted into a selection (not too firm, about 2 pixels sharp, depending on the resolution of the image) and the mouth on a separate level copied. In this way can be the new layer of color more easily create and corrected.

Beauty Make up Lipstick

Apply lipstick:

To create virtually lipstick there are several possibilities, probably the simplest: the function (picture - Setting - Selective Colour Correction) is aligned subtle color on the lips and the color of any lipstick. In this case, magenta and yellow in the gray are raised. Since this is a rather subtle lip make-up the possibility of selective color correction is quite straightforward. With a stronger re-coloring recommended however, the curve is involved to avoid uneven colour impression. This way of lipstick tasks give very natural results because all the shown subtleties of the lips structure.

Make-up Mouth Lipstick

Lipgloss effects:

To produce a lip gloss effect is to create a softer selection, according to the image, already existing natural lighting effects. The selection should necessarily have a few pixels softness, which again depending on the resolution of the image. Following the gradation of the light is so far brightened until a glossy effect appears. We must arise the lower gradation-section easily to avoid demolition to create. The light can be used for the lip gloss effect almost entirely in white brightened.
If the image shows no natural gloss effect it is necessarily the direction of the light of the portrait are observed to avoid to create a completely unnatural highlight. The success of a Glamour Retouche stand and fall with the workout of this details.

Lipgloss Lipstick Makeup

Painting contours:

Finally, creating the lip contours: The contours pen can create again using the saved the path contour. The function (Edit - fill path) can now give a lip contour that created a clean completion of the entire lips form. The selected color for the lip-line should match the lipstick, however, a darker tone should be selected.
The strength of the contour can be directed again after the dissolution of the image, in each case must be tried. About the opacity of the colour scheme it is easily possible to draw to a natural effect.

Make up technic Lip Makeup

The result:

The production of the gloss and a light coloured contrast effect, caused by the selective color correction arose, gives a living, fresher appearance of the lips and a bit of Glamour.
The Lip-contouring was deliberately shown somewhat exaggerated, it should normally be more subtle.

Beauty mouth Lips glamour retouche