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Your portrait in an unusual Makeover:
The erotic styled Vamp

We also provide comprehensive retouching with embedded artistic elements into the overall design: It was here desired to transform the design of the portrait into the style of an erotic Vamp.
This kind of portrait revision or Portrait transformation can show quite a large artistic leeway but the recognition of the person should be strictly maintained.

The necessary work steps we have written in the form of a Tutorial. There is shown the effort to create an obvious retouching. It needs many steps to create a retouche in this kind of Glamour-Style...

The erotic Vamp embodies the "calculating" woman using their very erotic stimuli for their own advantage. Certainly the type Vamp differs from the general image of women, but it may be a attraction for many women to slip visually in the role of a vamp. The transformation to an erotic intended vamp can be very fundamentally, as in the example shown here, it may well uncover secrets and some positive surprises or even unprecedented qualities...
An implementation with eroticism - overtones can be, for example, a gift for the beloved partner. Present yourself in your own desired type and try out the style of Glamour-Retouching.

Have you or your portrait "enchanted" from us as in the style of a Vamp, we like to go to your specific needs.

Portrait_Vamp retouch
Sexy Vamp Glamour-retouching
Move with mouse over image to see before - afterwards effects

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