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face2image_banner Wall Tattoo Sticker

Our newest Wall Sticker Skyline in Size XXL:
Frankfurter Skyline Skyscraper Wolkenkratzer Wandtattoo
         Wall Sticker Frankfurt Skyline 180° Variant in yellow 215 x 80 cm (Ffm WT 180 yellow)   Price: 125 Euro*       Copyright 2012 by face2image

Skyline Frankfurt Skyscraper Walltattoo Wandsticker Pop Art
              Wall Sticker Frankfurt Skyline 180° Variant in blue 215 x 80 cm (Ffm WT 180 blue)   Price: 125 Euro*      Copyright 2012 by face2image

Variant XXL 360° 380 cm x 79 cm (length x height)
Alpha World-City Frankfurt am Main:
Skyline Walltattoo Sticker Frankfurt
Wall Tattoo / Wall Sticker Skyline Frankfurt XXL-360° Variant in yellow 380 cm x 79 (Ffm WT 360 yellow)  Price: 179 Euro*   Copyright 2012 by face2image
Skyline Walltattoo Sticker Frankfurt Pop Art
Wall Tattoo / Wall Sticker Frankfurt Skyline XXL-360° Variant in blue 380 cm x 79 (Ffm WT 360 blue)  Price: 179 Euro*   Copyright 2012 by face2image
 Other sizes and intermediate sizes on request!


lovers of exclusive Wall Tattoos:

This wall sticker is an interpretation of the skyline of Francfurt / Germany. It comes alive due to combination of classical
silhouette-style elements in combination with modern echoes of pop art

The color of this statement differs from many Wall Decor standardized versions and shows the individual style of face2image's designer.

The City of Frankfurt has grown over the centuries and therefore shows very different architectural styles: As indicated, in the foreground is the silhouette of the old,  medieval Frankfurt, mostly Gothic elements. Behind the schemes of the older post-war buildings, implied in black.
In the background the modern
skyscraper-silhouette  is dominating the scenario.

Can be used simply, printed just like any other wall sticker on self-adhesive foil.
Adhesives are not necessary for mounting,
the foil
is self-adhesive and removable.

Enjoy this independently-designed Wall-Sticker!

Designed by face2image 2012
Enlarged Detail:  
Skyline Frankfurt Pop Art Wandtattoo
How to order Wallsticker "Frankfurt Skyline":

It's simple: Please send us an E-Mail to our adress:


Subject: Wallsticker Frankfurter Skyline, please note your required color (for example: Ffm WT 180 blue, 215 x 80 cm)

Please tell us your full name and adress for delivery.

We will send you an offer / including shipping-costs to your country.

For inquiry no log-in or registration is necessary!

If you prefer a different size we will send you advance a price proposal

*Price includes VAT

Copyright 2012 by face2image