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Your personal Portrait in Roy Lichtenstein - Style / classic Pop Art:
Become a Comic-Hero. The best way to create a comic portrait in Lichtenstein-style is to use good old pencils in handwork. We don't think that any method of digital filtering is able to create an artwork. Your picture is only a pattern for the paintings.
Please note the typical style of dot-screening skin tones and pop- colors in the background.

We created a Making-of to show the steps of work of this very special hand-made style.

See yourself in the style of comic art and test also our drawing talent!

This Pop Art portraits may then be used for many purposes: For example a presentation on the Web as a digital artwork of expression.This sample shows a Wedding-Card. Afterwards you can print out the new digital Image in every kind of size. Currently, we offer only the artistic makeover of your digital photographs, not the prints afterwards.

Note: Originally the style of Roy Lichtenstein was supposed only as a parody of the crazy art scene, but the artist was soon taken more seriously than he really intends. "Fun" created a new style emerged today of its stock in Western art history.

Be surprised, even your portrait could be artistic transformed in a little artwork of comic- pop art!

Try out the possibilities...

Lichtenstein Style
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