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Your Portrait transformed in Pop Art- style according to Roy Lichtenstein style/ Portrait Art
An example of good old manual labor: To produce a portrait-implementation into Pop Art in Lichtenstein-style is the hand-drawing basic the best solution. We use good old pens to draw your image in comic-style and adding the colores and screens digital to the handpainted scanned image. We don't think that any kind of automatically digital filterings are able to create an artwork.
The for this form of Pop Art-implementation so typical handmade comic-style is also increased in the statement by the characteristic screening of skin tones.
As well as in the actual comic design speech bubbles are typical. Also here is your imagination. Obviously, the balloon option and text included in the price, but not a "must" if there is no text required.
We built a Making-of for better understanding of this very special hand-made style.

This Pop Art portraits may then be used for many purposes: Not only for the presentation on the Web as a digital artwork of expression. Afterwards you can print out the new digital Image in every kind of size. Currently, we offer only the artistic makeover of your digital photographs, not the prints afterwards. 
Be surprised, even your portrait could be an artistic transformation in good old handmade-style of comic- pop art! Try out the possibilities of a individual presentation!

Pop-Art Roy Lichtenstein Style Portrait
Move with mouse over image for effects of Pop Art

It is always a challenge to picture the portrayed person in this comic book-style recognizable. For this reason a snapshot is recommended that necessarily shows the person in a typical expression for best results.

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