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Portrait makeover Pop Art in Style of Andy Warhol / Portrait Art
This sample shows the possiblities of Pop Art transformations. Your portrait could be an artwork of classic Pop Art style, your Warhol-style.

The example of an ordinary portrait photograph shows the possibility of the pop-art image design.
Here is-regardless of the fundamental review of the portraits-recognition of the person portrayed was realized.
Color alteration and the restriction on the essential elements of the image from your portrait are essential for this style of Pop Art. In place of superfluous details are almost abstract color to find and this increases the picture to a Pop Art work also.

Please have a look at our Making-of created to show the steps of transformation.

Pop Art portraits usable for many purposes: Perfect for Web-presentation as a digital photo of expression and, of course, printed on canvas. There are many pssibilities. Currently, we offer only the artistic review of your digital photographs, only the digital makeover.

Let us try to create your colorful new imageand feel the magic of the famous Pop-Art styles! In the past only the famous and rich were able to buy a personal Pop Art-Portrait, now it is possible for everyone...

Pop Art interpretations are also attractive gift ideas, we also like to transform your best friend in a style icon of pop art!

pop art portrait privat
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Sample for the possibility of color-variations (option).
                      Pop Art Warhol Style Farbvarianten
Examples of color design based on the original Pop Art makeover. Also, the combination of different colors provides a fascinating extension of the Pop Art style. There are also subtle variations possible, according to personal taste.

The above variations are an additional option liability for any variation of the original image shown in 4-color mode.
We calculate Euro 10.00 per variant, plus the price of the basic pop art review.

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