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Your portrait transformed in an artistic and erotic Geisha-Style:

We offer very special Portrait-makeovers: In this case you see an example of a personal Portrait transformation into the style and Make up of the japanese Geishas. The very subtile erotic expressions of this unusual style are shown here and maybe you think about some erotic makeovers for your own use...

The style of the geisha has its roots deep in Japanese culture and there are associations with the no-masks of traditional Japanese theater. The mask-like, formal style of the geisha make-up has been here for a European portrait implemented. The difficulty of virtual implementation of the geisha style, however, is to reach still the fundamental recognition of the portrayed person.

Let us enchant your portrait. The shown geisha style is of course only one of many possibilities, the imagination, even the erotic imagination are almost limitless.
Style and color of the Make Up gives many possibilities, as well as the procurement of decorative accessories.

The necessary work steps we have written in the form of an Tutorial. There you will find the effort to create an obvious retouching.

For transformation of a portrait into a geisha style is not a professionally created, incidentally portrait imperative because the portrait will be already heavily revised. But necessarily is a dormant, even subtly smiling radiance of the portrayed person. Ideal is a more elegant, restrained charisma.
Such highly stylized portraits may be incidentally a rather interesting and original gift to a related person. The erotic aura of a Geisha as a person supposed to understand as a personal note.

See your Portrait transformed into the sexy-style of a Geisha, please feel so free to let us work out your special wishes and desires.

Move with mouse over image to see the before - afterwards effect
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